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Brand: ROCKLER Model: ROC43624
Rockler - Sawhorse Clips for Bench Cookie Plus Pack of 4 Clips Sawhorses are incredibly practical when you need a lightweight, portable work surface, but if you've used them much, you know that workpieces tend to rattle around and get scratched while you saw, rout and sand. With the..
R 551.54
Ex Tax:R 479.60
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES500175
Main applicationsFor mounting the edge bander on a workbenchFor small batches, straight edges, free form elements and gluing inclined edges, angle from 0-47°Allows the user to swivel the machine (0-47°) in the bench and position the workpiece horizontally during edging - for convenient and safe guid..
R 8,510.00
Ex Tax:R 7,400.00
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES494977
Main applicationsUsed for connecting the VAC SYS SE 1 to the MFT 3 for increasing the clamping options for connecting with the MFT 3For storage, can be swivelled under the MFT 3Items Includedin a cartonAdapted forfor VAC SYS SE 1, VAC SYS SE 2Commercial InformationNet weight 3,494 kg Gross weight 3..
R 5,912.63
Ex Tax:R 5,141.42
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES495541
R 984.07
Ex Tax:R 855.71
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES495542
Main applicationsThe stop flag makes exact repeat cuts and even batch production possibleItems Includedin self-service display packCommercial InformationNet weight 0,107 kg Gross weight 0,107 kg Country of origin DE PU 1 SU 1IndustryWoodQuantity In Pack1..
R 655.50
Ex Tax:R 570.00
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES484455
Main applications4 grub screws for fixingItems Includedin self-service display packCommercial InformationNet weight 0,259 kg Gross weight 0,259 kg Country of origin QU PU 1 SU 1IndustryWoodQuantity In Pack1..
R 409.07
Ex Tax:R 355.71
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES495502
Main applicationsThe additional cross braces make the MFT 3 even more stable and can be folded in easily for transportItems Includedin a cartonTechnical Detailsqty. in pack 2 piece(s) Length 675 mm Diameter 20 mmCommercial InformationNet weight 1,360 kg Gross weight 1,360 kg Country of origin D..
R 2,791.21
Ex Tax:R 2,427.14
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES500367
Main applicationsGuide plates for attachment using chipboard screws or M4 screws included with the deliveryGuide plates for guiding the workpiece safely and protecting the surfaceItems Includedin self-service display packAdapted forfor KA 65Technical Detailsqty. in pack 15 piece(s) Dimensions (L x ..
R 745.00
Ex Tax:R 647.83
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES495531
Items Includedfoldaway legs, dummy plate, in a cartonAdapted forfor CS 50, CMS-GETechnical DetailsDimensions length x width 775 x 480 mmCommercial InformationNet weight 15,190 kg Gross weight 15,190 kg Country of origin CZ PU 1 SU 1IndustryWood, PainterQuantity In Pack1..
R 13,798.36
Ex Tax:R 11,998.57
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES492092
Items Includedin a cartonAdapted forfor CS 50, CMS-GETechnical DetailsDimensions length x width 375 x 454 mmCommercial InformationNet weight 5,160 kg Gross weight 5,160 kg Country of origin DE PU 1 SU 1IndustryWood, PainterQuantity In Pack1..
R 7,391.21
Ex Tax:R 6,427.14
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES495510
Strengths and benefitsRobust but lightweight designMain applicationsOptimised system connection. The MFT 3 extension allows you to use all the CMS modules for sawing, routing and sandingItems Includedfoldaway legs, main safety switch, cable and socket, in a cartonAdapted forfor the MFT 3Commercial I..
R 12,949.23
Ex Tax:R 11,260.20
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES570244
Strengths and benefitsPossibility of lowering the sanding belt for full belt utilisation, achieving greater efficiencyQuick, simple belt changing - short changeover timesTilting sanding belt for sanding chamfers and sloping surfaces with easePowerful motor for sanding large areas with minimum effort..
R 21,081.57
Ex Tax:R 18,331.80
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